Poole Judo Centre does NOT have a membership joining fee. We only ask that you state Poole Judo Centre as your club on your BJA licence.
Mat fee's are to be paid preferably by standing order on a monthly basis. Please see a club official for more information.
Visitors to the club can pay as they go.
Mat Fee:
Members:  Individual judoka £15 per month
                 Family of 3 judoka £25 per month
Visitors :     £4 per Judoka per session

British Judo Association membership

Poole Judo Centre is affiliated to the British Judo Association (BJA), the governing body for Judo in the country. Our BJA membership number is 8223.
All members of Poole Judo Centre and visiting Judoka are required to have an in date licence in order to take part in the sessions. You are required to have a licence so that you are then covered by the clubs and the BJA's insurance.
New members are required to purchase their individual BJA licence. We will only allow individuals to take part in a maximum of 4 sessions before a valid licence is needed.
Please follow link for BJA membership 

British Judo Association membership application

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